• Expedition Alaska - Antarctica 2018 Third and Final Phase

    A worldwide fundraising to Help Lar Amigos de Jesus in Brazil

    Ride with me!


Road dust is my vitamin!

About Bozoka

Professional Motorcycle Rider, National TV Anchor, Lecturer, Writer, with 5 books published: My World by the Rear View (2017); Vaz Canadá Expedition (2011), An Ice Cold Adventure from Fortaleza to Antarctica by Motorcycle (2006), Road Traffic Survival Guide for Motorcycles (2007) and On the Inca´s Trail (2000), all these books only Portuguese. Fluent in English and Spanish. Has over 40 years of experience riding motorcycles and made 5 International motorcycle expeditions.
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Expedition Alaska – Antarctica by Motorcycle Phase III

I invite you to come with me and ride every km together

to help Lar Amigos de Jesus!


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